Mark Twain

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Who we are

Project My Azerbaijan, our trips- is a journey of extreme Friends, who at the moment are already close-knit team. Our task is to show the present Azerbaijan with all its extremes: from the beloved Caspian Sea, from wild mountains and overnight in tents to historical and memorable places. Our unique routes and travel sometimes seems to be difficult and too extreme, but we try not to waste your time, every minute of the journey carries tons of unforgettable emotions and impressions. Team My Azerbaijan invites you to see the country in a different, totally unusual point of view!


If you want to become our partner, we are ready to cooperate with organizations and private individuals. Please fill out the form or send it to our email adress: myazerbaijan.az@gmail.com and we will consider your proposal in the near future. We will be glad to offer cooperation with reliable partners. Thank you for your interest in our project My Azerbaijan!

Cooperation with us

Team My Azerbaijan invites all interested people for mutually beneficial cooperation. Do you have any ideas about our trips? Or you can offer us interesting routes? We will be happy to discuss all the issues of the cooperation. Please submit your offers and services by e-mail: myazerbaijan.az@gmail.com

Buy from us

Do you want to buy a work of My Azerbaijan? We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase our works in 2-(two) options:
1) One time use
2) Authorized
One time use – you buy a work, but it also remains on the website and to the team of My Azerbaijan. Authorized- you become the owner of the copyright, and then this work is removed from all the media

Work with us

Team My Azerbaijan welcomes talented extremal people! You’re an artist, blogger, photographer or maybe a restorator, or just a man who loves to travel? We are always open to dialogue! Do not miss the chance to become part of the project My Azerbaijan! Send your ideas and requests to myazerbaijan.az@gmail.com and maybe it is you, who can become one of our team!

Projects with us

Here could be your project! Project My Azerbaijan can help to implement your ideas. You have an idea? We are ready to assist you in its implementation. Projects can be both short or long-term. You can send a description of your idea to the e-mail address: myazerbaijan.az@gmail.com

Goal 1

Development of interest to our country, to attract tourists. Also, we would like to more fully represent the country in the global information space, so that people get a great picture when they think about Azerbaijan. Out team would also like to develop tourism in the country and among the locals, it is always interesting to get to know well where we all come from!

Goal 2

Encourage people to think about environmental issues and environmental protection. Attract locals and foreigners to the popularization of our nature and its protection, as well as to show how varied and beautiful are all corners of Azerbaijan! Did you know that we have leopards? Or have you ever seen what ironwood looks like? Our project will not only tell, but also show a lot! You will be surprised by our country.

Goal 3

The search for new interesting and unforgettable places, to create new perspectives of our country. Sometimes traveling, we do not even believe that it’s our country! After all, every place is unique, and our goal – to find them and show you!

Orkhan Aslanov

Fariz Guliev

Shakhriyar Kayani

Rufat Rajabov

Leila Ismailzade

Murad Aslan